Nathan Felix

Web Development Portfolio

Picflow front page


Picflow is a tool for photographers that I started working on in July 2021 when I started working at Nusign AG. We are still developing and maintaining Picflow using Angular, SCSS, and AWS Lambda.

yallo website

yallo & Lebara

While working at Sunrise UPC LLC I worked for a few years as the Senior frontend developer for the yallo and Lebara websites. Angular JS, and SCSS.

ID checker process

ID Checker

A coworker and I created a web based ID checker for Sunrise UPC LLC, yallo, and Lebara. Together we designed the technical flows and customer journeys, we then built a frontend where customers can scan their ID documents, and another frontend for agents to approve those documents. We also built a rest API to handle communications between these two frontends and the CRM systems. Angular, Web RTC, PHP, and SCSS.