Nathan Felix

web & graphic design

This project was completed in May 2015 and took around 5 months to complete while working for YOL Communications. I did the concepting, front end and backend development.

PHP and AngularJS were used in this project. PHP to build up the content on the page and Angular to handle the dynamic stuff. I built a custom CMS to make it easier for anyone at YOL to update the website.

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Dignity and hope is a non profit organization that helps people in under developed countries to start a businesses. I did everything in this project apart from the content.

I used AngularJS to create this project as a single page application and PHP for the API's that handle the interaction with the database as well as the login and register functionality.

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Lebara public transport branding

In October 2015 we launched a campaign for a new product we launched called the Lebara World card. As part of this campaign we branded a few busses and trams all around Switzerand.

I did the concepts and final artwork for this campaign.

I work for YOL Communications. It is a sister company of Sunrise that manages three telecom brands in Switzerland. This website is an information site.

I used Photoshop for concepts and wordpress with a few plugins to quickly build this site within two days.

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3D modeling and animation

3D is not my strongest field but I have experience creating product concepts, Shop visualizations etc.

While working for YOL I have created many 3D objects that I rendered and used in posters banners.

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